Monday, September 24, 2012


Hey there! Piplup131415 here! First, I'd like to give a HUGE, HUGE thank-you to GreatShot for letting me take over this story blog. I read it since it started and until she deleted it in February 2012, and so when she started the G.A.B.E I asked for this one. Anyways, let's get down to business:
First of all, Story Blog FAQ!
All right, we have character sign-ups on the Story Sign-Ups page. Rules are posted there :)

Will I be able to be an author?
I'll think on that. If I decide yes, Author sign-ups will be posted in 2-3 weeks.

What about SOF (Storm of Fire)? Your other story?
Don't worry. I'm not deleting that. It'll be around for a while.

Will you link MY story blog?
Yes, of course. But there are a few rules.... First, no Link Begging. That's where you're like this:
"plz plz will u link my story bog plz plz plz my blog is really awesome u should read it"
That actually happened on my first story, Yellowstone.... >.<
And dude, you aren't even using proper grammar/spelling...
And you have to link this blog first, you can make your own picture or use the one that will soon be provided. 

Wow! Cool!
Thank you!